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If you find their stomachs getting small you can always do a bribe feeder. Mine was skeletal from saying screw you to prepared foods for over 6 weeks. (I was providing other things but quarantine has limitations). I remembered my feeder and now she slim but going the better direction.

The feeder is easy to make. Search Paul's feeder. The pain is hatching brine but if you decapsulate it really isn't too bad. The feeder is a small container with the opening at the top covered in panty hose. You put the brine in and they slowly come out my mandarin took about a day to figure it out. Now she sits on top and sucks them through. You can make things more convenient and/ or more hidden. I made mine with a squat mason jar so the weight holds it down. My hubby dremeled the lid so I don't have to use rubber bands. I've got a tube that runs up above the surface with a small funnel for filling it up without having to take it out. I have it in the back of some rock work of an open cave. You can't see it that well just looking at the tank but if you look in the cave you'll see my mandarin and her dragon pipefish friends loving their free style feeder. And my seahorses help clean up the escapees. I dose my tank with Copepods and amphipods but I have so many eaters of those things that I really love the piece of mind the feeder brings. My pipefish eat frozen mysis but they love hunting down the baby brine.

Sterile is not better. Successfully bred: Banggai, Lined Seahorse. Restarting work on Ruby Red dragonets, Blue Mandarins, Davinci Clowns, Pink Skunk Clowns (not mature yet) dragonface pipefish.

Current Tank Info: 125 gal tank, 40 gal refugium - 30 gal Ruby Red tank - 70 gallon erectus / mandarin tank
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