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Thanks for the likely confirmation. I need to get ahold of a microscope and see for sure. From reading, another confirmation is that when lights are out overnight, it seems to dissipate. Then once lights go on, it visibly gets more dense as the evening goes on. I know I have a spot or two of cyano, but the rest seems like Dinos I think.

A quick background story: I've had this 29g biocube set up for almost 2 years and am just now having the outbreak. 12 yrs in the hobby and first I've had an issue. My levels: SG 1.026, ph8.2, NO3 and NH3 are both 0 as always. Phosphates also zero. There's only the maroon clown, so very little daily pellet feeding.

Possible issues that started this: my RODI unit had long been overdue on DI media replacement. Plus my lights were the original lights and thus needed changed out big time.

So I changed out my RODI filters and got a TDS meter (didn't check before changing them) and my new water is 0 TDS. My lights have been changed also. My lights were then decreased from 6 hrs a day to only 4.5 hrs a day now. I also did some drastic water changes... A bit much at 80%... But I wanted to get any possible contaminants from the prior bad RODI water. That probably made the Dinos worse.

I will purchase a UV sterilizer. That definitely makes sense. I had an algae scrubber under my 180 for a long time a while back, but I gave up because of the maintenance required. I don't think I have space around my 29 that my wife wouldn't kill me for setting one up.

Is there still advise out there to do H202? I have a small RBTA, but I'd replace him if i knew the peroxide would help.

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