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Originally Posted by rog2961 View Post
karimwassef how do you keep all the algae in your sump from clogging the return pipe?
I don't have algae in my sump. I have a dedicated algae tank that runs side by side with my DT. Unfortunately, my turf algae is losing the battle to macroalgae and Xenia now. It's ok but I really believe that turf is essential.

 photo 068EB74E-0791-46C0-BA1A-E76220EE7FA5_zps208hsibl.jpg

 photo E4871824-117B-4DE6-A5FE-97656F999BE3_zpsx7muobgl.jpg
When I did have turf in my sump, I grew it on sheets like an algae scrubber. That kept the algae attached until I removed it.

Here's my current scrubber

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