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Originally Posted by EnderG60 View Post
Exactly what I was asking about, thanks!

Im finding the new balance of parameters with the vodka dosing now. My original goal was to reduce my phosphate to inhibit the algea growth. I started with my nitrates at 2-4, and phosphate at 0.3-1.2. I got to a point where my nitrates zeroed out and my phosphate was still in the 0.3-0.5 range, so I started dosing sodium nitrate.

Im now holding steady with nitrates of 2-4, and phosphate of 0.01-0.03, while dosing a 450g system with 21 ml a day of vodka which I think should be a good happy spot for a mixed reef.

So now I just need to find a new dosing balance now that I have the vodka dosing figured out. My alk intake has gone up quite a bit but never seems to go above 8. If I dose it manually it jumps for a day, I get burned tips and then its back down to 8.

I just want to make sure I understand whats happening so I dont start chasing old numbers that wont work anymore.
21ml vodka 40% volume (915,6 gr/l) contains +- 15,14% carbon in weight or 2,91 grams C
This is enough to assimilate 0.1918 grams N (15,17gr C/1 gr N)
This may produce 1.55 grams protein if enough phosphor P is available.
To be able to assimilate 0.85 gram NO3 (0.1918 N) or +- 0.5ppm ( 1700l) +- 0.08 grams PO4 is needed
The total amount of PO4 is +- 1600 x 0.03ppm = 48 mg or 0,048 grams
Taking in account that phosphate is produced constantly I am pretty sure that phosphate is the limiting factor in this tank making it very difficult for all living creatures and not only for the corals.
As only +- half of the carbon dose can be taken up immediately the stress situation may cause decay and may prevent nitrification and denitrification.
My advice is to reduce the dose at least by 1/2 or stop dosing but do this very slowly over a period of at least 10 days as not enough nitrification capacity may be available.

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Current Tank Info: BBS: BADES Biofilm System. An aqua-system in wich the nitrogen cycle is closed by removing the daily nitrate production daily, every day, by incorporation of BADES (Biological Anaerobe Denitrification using Elemental Sulphur.)
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