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If by "Hammerhead", you are talking about branching Hammer coral (Euphyllia sp.), then yes, one can frag off each branch, cutting the exposed skeleton, NOT THE FLESHY PART. leaving 2 or 3 inches of exposed skeleton on the bottom.

In general each stalk grows skeleton upwards and the top polyp and couple inches of fleshy "collar" beneath it go with it.

A Dremel will get the job done. I use bone shears.

Personally I form a small marshmallow with epoxy, put a dab of cyanoacrylate (super) glue on the top and bottom, and press the exposed skeleton into the top and the bottom onto a frag plug or disk.

If you are talking about wall hammer coral, I suggest not trying to frag it. There are many reports of the frags not surviving, likely due to infection induced by cutting through it.

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