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Hello Everyone,

Adv4Justice aka Christy here my DH and I are new to owning a reef tank ( 75g w/ refugium to be completed ) and never had a saltwater tank I had fresh as a kiddo. I do live in Jacksonville and grew up fishing saltwater, using shrimp and finger mullet as live bait along with fiddler crabs, sand fleas. I have Snorkeled the Keys and Caribbean. I know its like jumping in the deep end to learn how to swim but I'm smart, Patient and darnit people like me..LOL

Reef ipsa loquitor.
---The reef speaks for itself

Current Tank Info: 90g reef ready w/ SeaLife Sys Rfmstr Pro Refug & Ca2200 pump w/Skmmr, return pump Magum 9.5, Aqualite Pro 250w MH, Actinic, Moon integrated
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