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Originally Posted by Billybatz9 View Post
33029 florida. You are in canada. A bit far. Lol has every kind of sock
You will need a pump or powerhead to drive water through the sock. In my tank anything below 100 clogs up hopelessly within an hour or two. I believe Ostreopsis is the smallest dino at 40 microns? Some of them are huge.

Good news re hair algae, although I doubt your gf was impressed with your gift of dinos.

Adding Ca/Mg/Alk probably does help the dinos. But I lost a frogspawn due to alk swings (dinos cause wild alk drop, has anyone else experienced this?) so I'm hesitant to stop. High pH is supposed to be bad for dinos..

Haven't updated because tank's going all to heck. Hoping friend will drop off microscope this weekend.


28g cube, CF 105watts! Tunze 9001. Tiny frags: Euphyllia, blasto, ricordea and a rock flower anemone. Lost fish and inverts due to ongoing outbreak of dinoflagellates.

Current Tank Info: 28g aio, 105 watt CF lights, no sump or skimmer. 2 sexy shrimp, tiny frogspawn, tiny toadstool, tiny lps. Started Feb '15
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