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Wow you are asking for a lot. With that many Angels you had better be prepared to have some super filtration system. Keeping nitrates & phosphates at levels to maintain SPS is going to be difficult with that bio load once the fish are full size. You may find that you are able to keep a few LPS corals with those fish. My Majestic did not bother any LP corals for about two years, then one day it ripped them all apart. My Regal took a liking to my favorite softy, Green Nephthea, but leaves hammers, grapes and duncans alone. My experience has been that adding any soft corals after the Angels are in the tank is difficult. They pick at it as if I added a new food. While the same type of coral that was in the tank before the fish were added seem to go untouched. We share the same dream. I failed with creating pairs and filtration. I wish you better success.

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