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I like the tank and the plan!

My 300 sps dominant reef now has two large angels in it: blueface and annularis. Neither are picking at any corals at this point. Before adding the angels I removed all LPS as I knew they would probably be dinner. I left a bunch of zoas and they seem to be ok. The green sinularia does not get touched at all. Nor do the mushrooms. I've had leathers before with angels and those were not bothered (by French, blueface, annularis, Eibli, flame). Most of my sps colonies are pretty large so if they do get nipped once in a while it doesn't bother them. The same may be true of other corals types too.... the larger the better. They can handle a bit of stress.

I've also got 4 large tangs and a large foxface (and several small fish). Filtration seems to be doing just fine as the fish get larger. I've got a Reef Dynamics INS300 skimmer. Then I also run small amount of GFO along with a DIY chaeto reactor and 2 marine pure blocks. Keeps the algae growth pretty low. I actually don't do water changes that often, nor do I perform large water changes. I'd say perhaps 10% per month, rarely 20%. Instead, I focus on removing the dirtiest water (i.e., sump, lagoon, where settling occurs) as it seems to be much more efficient. I use a single 4" mesh sock in the sump as well which does a decent job though I should definitely have 2 at least. :0) For circulation I've got a Tunze stream 3 (6150) and 2x Tunze 6105 pumps. The latter two I control with apex. This seems to do an adequate job but is by no means overkill. I may even add another pump at some point.

Anyway, as long as your angels get along then I think your plan can certainly come to fruition. Good luck. Looking forward to the updates!

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