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Originally Posted by roberthu526 View Post
Thanks for the input! You definitely gave me a lot of confidence in the plan. With three and half years of experience under my belt I am finally brave enough to get this build started. If everything works out as expected, I should have the tank sometime next week and have the plumbing done by the end of this month. Then take another month or so to cycle and stabilize then I will have fish in it! I canít tell you how excited I am!

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Just take your time adding fish. Go through the TTM (for ich) and a proper quarantine procedure. You definitely want to start with a clean system. If you can, stock the angels as juveniles and try to add them in pairs or a few at a time. This should reduce any aggression towards one another. It took more about a year and a half to get my first angel into the tank but there were many reasons for that. It was about 6 months from the day I got the annularis to the day I stocked it into DT. Anyway, just be patient and enjoy.

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