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Originally Posted by dgelz View Post
Personally, do you real ally think you'll keep up with doing this daily? For how long? I think the objective of having a reef tank is to minimize the maintenance, or at least make it non-bothersome. Doing daily water changes seems like it might cause burnout.
Perhaps but I feed my fish daily. I look at everything daily, check out skimmer if its functioning correctly as well as everything else, daily. Look at coral, polyp extension, fish daily. I have an apex controller but I still visually try to check each piece of equipment as well as livestock , literally everything daily. So far its been years and of course my diligence wavers in upkeep but not in observation. Best part of a reef tank is staring at it.

So even if I waiver a little bit, I don't think it will make much of a difference. I guess I think of it all like flossing, just get up every morning and do it.

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