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Originally Posted by watchguy123 View Post
but what I want to know is how much is too much
Every tank is different.

I'm set up for 100g water changes for about 260g ish total volume, currently I tend to do every 4-6 weeks depending on my time.

My problem is my sand bed has a 5-7 year capacity and when its new my tank will remain perfect sometimes with yearly water changes.

I just redid my DSB and I'm going to see if I change water every 4-6 without fail, if I can stretch the DSB to a decade.

My sand turns rock hard a inch or two down with time, and coral growth leaves me with a few inches in front only that I am able to keep the sand from turning solid. This time around I may throw a clean up crew for sand sifting. Problem in the past is that for over 2 decades I have had a hidden pistol shrimp that eats what ever I have put in the tank. This time around I think its gone. No more tapping in the midnight.

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