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My 125 Gallon LED Reef Penninsula tank build

Well, I ran out of space in my existing tank and decided to go bigger. The wife and I have decided to install a 125 gallon tank in our front living room. Her stipulations is that it must be a clean installation and quiet.

I've decided to build my own LED fixture for this tank and received the parts this week..... which consist of:

1 - 72" Makers LED heat sink
5 - 75 /700 mA Invetronics dimmable drivers
1 - DIM 4 Sunrise / Sunset controller
27 - 3UP LED stars (containing 1x CREE XT-E Warm (4500K) 3W LED and 2x CREE XT-E 3W Royal Blue (455 nm) LED's each)
3 - Royal Blue (455 nm) CREE XT-E 3W LED's (Moonlights)
12 - Ocean Coral White LED's (containing 1x 3W Deep red LED, 1x 3W Teal LED, and 1x 3W Green LED)
12 - True Violet (405 nm) 3W LED's
12 - Pure Violet (430 nm) 3W LED's
1 - 4-pot dimmer for individual color control

Other equipment I've picked up include CPR 1000 GPM overflow, Danner Mag-12 Return Pump, and Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Elite with extra PC4 modules.

I'm going to try and document the build of the fixture and tank in this thread in hopes that you all get some enjoyment out of it and so that I might learn a few pointers from you all, along the way...

So... here we go....

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