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Kudo's Roy! They are all very interesting....but I have yet to identify the very shy Mantis I have. I have 1 8lb LR with more holes in it than swiss cheese, and so far in 1 mo time, I have discovered a Gorilla Crab (caught and put in the refugium) 1 unidentified crab (tan spotted black hairy with 1 claw bigger than the other) and in the hole next to it...has moved once, lives a cute little Cuttlefish and it dines on fresh clam from the tip of a skewer! The Mantis I have seen 3 times now. It is dark blue top and light blue bottom with bright orange eyes...scared the livin daylights outta me upon first sight, it also has a blue claw with a white tip and clicks loud enough to wake me up. Length is about 3 in. and 1/4 inch wide. All are HAPPY campers in a 26 gl Nano!

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