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DSB in a bucket

Hi Anthony,

I had posted this in a previous thread but appears to have been buried. My question is below your quote. This method is discussed in your Book of CP? I have RI and did not see it there. Will this method work for de nitrification even without the square footage and DSB animals that is recomended by others???

Originally posted by Anthony Calfo
no worries... theres a mention of DSB buckets in threads on RC here (this forum too I think) as well as in my coral prop book.

But it is as literal as it sounds: having your DSB in a large bucket or garbage can rather than in a display. It can stay unlit and needs little or no servicing. Just a stream of water flowing atop it. The vessel is to be filled nearly to the top with only a few inches of water running above it. A five gallon bucket will hold about 60lbs of oolitic sand and service perhaps a 90-120 gallon aquarium (larger tanks with lighter bioloads too). Big displays often use a non-toxic plastic garbage can (or food barrel) with more sand of course.

Using this method, is there no need then for sand bed animals as others claim to be so important? The water will diffuse (if that is the correct term) all the way down the 5 gal bucket and this will provide enough denitrification? amazing


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