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Originally Posted by anaya View Post
okay I've read this entire thread. I am interested in a crocea for my 30gal. Still a bit confused about the T-5 issue that seems to be going back and forth.

depth to sandbed is 14"

light is a Nova Extreme SLR T-5 30" 48 watt

I do not own a PAR meter so can't provide a reading at SB

Is this possible? If not would a 70watt viper added to the above spotlighted on clam work?
the clam will be a little above the sand and hopefully, you will move it up on your rocks after a couple days. if possible get a better t5 fixture and sell this one. it's a better solution than the viper. they do make a 4 bulb for a 30 gal tank

not obsessse--scuse me gotta check on the tank

Current Tank Info: 75 and 65gals plumbed together, clams 12 fish. lps corals/ aquaillumination leds on the 75 and lovin them. t5's
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