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Originally Posted by IPT View Post
If you are looking to use it for Astrophotograhy you may want to reconsider the Sony and look at Nikon. Apparently Sony has some algorithm that dulls stars with longer exposures
I may have explained myself poorly I already have a dedicated camera for AP. Not a regular camera I'm trying to make do AP, I have a camera designed for AP. It has no filters in front of the sensor except IR/UV, so I catch all those photons that a regular camera blocks. I have a filter wheel which sits in front of it and I choose what filter I want to use, so I can catch very specific wavelengths of light.

FWIW, it's an Atik 383L+ mono. Great camera. I can cool it to 40 degrees celcius below ambient temps, which helps great with keeping noise to a minimum when doing 20 minute photos. It's pretty much essential to have some form of cooling once you get above a few dozen seconds if you want to keep noise down.

So, I'm not looking for a camera for shooting the stars. I'm looking for a good walkaround camera again, and the Sony AR7II just seemed to check all the boxes, other than I dont really want to invest thousands into a body and lenses right at the moment... but the siren is calling out with the sweet Sony song, I'm not sure how long I'll be able to resist.

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