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Originally Posted by Comorin View Post
Hi, Just joined the forum, so finding my way around. Hopefully someone will be able to help with my M1 issue. In short the pump is relatively new, only used at 40% power, regularly cleaned, & always shows healthy. Around a month ago I received a couple of random emails from ecotech saying my pump has stopped communicating, after resetting it has returned to the norm, but on the last email, the pump had stopped running, & the driver just flashes red green & white, after several resets & unplugging, & cleaning the pump will not run. I have contacted ecotech, 3 times in the last month, but not received any replies. Is there anyone on here, that has had this problem, or knows what the problem is. Any help would be much appreciated.

Welcome to ReefCentral and I'm sorry to hear about the issue with your Vectra. Like Mfinn mentioned, it would be best to contact us directly anytime you need assistance. We can be reached by calling 1-800-785-0338 Ext. 2

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