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Originally Posted by mandrieu View Post
Pants: Comparing with the pics and videos you have at I would say I have Amphidinium. My microscope is crappy enough so I can't get good focus to distinguish the details but the shape and motion seem to match what you show up there.
Amphidinium are tiny so you'd need a good scope to see that wrinkle at the top. Any chance I could pick up a sample this week or weekend?

Originally Posted by Surly View Post
Man, I wish I'd known you needed it - I scraped everything down and did a 100+ gallon water change last week, presumably with a lot of ostreopsis in it. I'm hoping to get the population under control here shortly but I'll be glad to get you water from my tank anytime, since I assume I'll always have some of them in the water column.
I'd never really thought about getting a bunch of water with a sample until I mentioned it here. It probably would really help address my issues. I could also use the cell sorter to get a cleaner sample. Maybe pull a bunch of water off the day after you start a black out period so I'd have water and a bunch of dinos in the water column.

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