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Originally Posted by Nevil View Post
I had dino for over a month everything covered in them. I was keeping up by siphoning multiple times daily but as you know they were back within hours. On Wednesday I picked up a used uv sterilizer and small powerhead hooked it up shut off the lights and by the next day all of the dinos were gone. The uv sterilizer is oversized for my tank. Tank is 28 gal nano cube and the sterilizer is the 18 watt coralife 6x twist. Best $25 bucks I've spent recently. Anyways I hope my experience helps others. The only thing I did to get rid of them was add the uv and turned off lights for a day because the dinos go into water column when no light apparently.
Same goes for filtersocks and skimmers, but still the dinos persist.
I'm sure UV works, but there will allways be dinos left, they multiply blindingly fast and they will maintain the population on the following day.

If UV is the answer I've not heard many if any success stories.
Perphaps with an over sized UV and for your type of dinos.


Almost forgot. I've tried UV for dinos. It was a small one and it had no impact, at all.

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