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Shipping the entire rock is a bit risky if the rock has a lot of life on it. If it is nothing more than some coralline algae, it may be O.K.

There are two ways to do it. The first is to use a large bag, enough water to cover the rock and lots of air or oxygen. THis weighs a lot and if there are many delicate organisms, the water may foul, but if not, the animal should arrive in good shape.

The second technique is to ship the rock damp wrapped in a non-toxic material. As long as the gills on the Neogonodactylus remain quite wet, it can survive. I've had animals survive in a wet rock for a couple of days. This is actually the way that many mantis shrimp make it into aquaria via live rock. Remember, the bag still needs a lot of air.

Getting a stomatopod out of a cavity in a piece of coral or live rock can be a challenge. Sometimes if you take the rock out of the water and gently prod the animal with a wire or pipecleaner, it will bail. Periodically dipping the rock back into water for a few seconds can add further encouragement. Dipping the rock in fresh water can also induce them to leave, but not usually. I would try lots of poking with a soft, blunt instrument.

Good luck.


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