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It's definitely a magnifica.

Many people -- especially those who don't have one -- are quick to say that they're difficult anemones. They're not hard to care for once acclimated and won't roam if given the right environment. Since they're natural hosts for both percula and ocellaris, both species will typically take to them immediately.

Give it a flat rock on the top of pillar, surrounded by a lot of varying flow and you'll be in good shape. Mags like to spread out their foot (I describe it looking like a fried egg) at the highest position on the rock. Unlike BTAs, they don't like to bury their foot in the rock crevices, which is why a flat rock works the best. Don't let any of the tentacles to come in contact with the wall of your tank, otherwise it'll "think" it can move up higher and will continuously move.

Unfortunately, I'm concerned because the photo of it closed shows a nem that's either just waking up or isn't healthy. If it does this during the day with the lights on, you'll most likely need to treat it with antibiotics, or it'll die within a couple of weeks.

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