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Ok, a mix of good and concerning news. I'll try to clarify some things to help you guys help me.

Originally Posted by D-Nak View Post

Give it a flat rock on the top of pillar, surrounded by a lot of varying flow and you'll be in good shape. Mags like to spread out their foot (I describe it looking like a fried egg) at the highest position on the rock. Unlike BTAs, they don't like to bury their foot in the rock crevices, which is why a flat rock works the best. Don't let any of the tentacles to come in contact with the wall of your tank, otherwise it'll "think" it can move up higher and will continuously move.
She is already stuck to the bottom of a rock since day one and is not moving. I thought it was her chosen place.
Should I try to remove her and place it on a flat rock on top?

Unfortunately, I'm concerned because the photo of it closed shows a nem that's either just waking up or isn't healthy. If it does this during the day with the lights on, you'll most likely need to treat it with antibiotics, or it'll die within a couple of weeks.
She was looking great at the LFS even hosting a clown. I acclimated it well, I believe, and a few hours after putting in the tank it was full open (again I believe it was "full", first time having one). The problem started at feeding time next day when I turned off all flow. It shrunk to nothing. I turned everything back on a few mins after. Next morning (yesterday) it was open again but not as much as in the first day. At feeding time again I turned off only one powerhead, the one above her, to see if the food stayed there and the clowns would come meet the nem. Less than a minute in poor thing freaked out as well and shrunk. This morning, it was once again open but not completely.
She does not do this on its own, it is always after a change in flow. I have the light scheduled to gradually come on at about 3pm until 10pm, so I can enjoy the tank.

Does her behavior still gives you the impression she is sick?

[Newbie here so please take my opinions carefully]

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