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Originally Posted by pfan151 View Post
Can you pick the whole rock that itís attached to up and place it on the top of your rock structure? If it turns out to be healthy you will be very happy you ended up with a Magnifica. Once healthy they are pretty bulletproof and probably the nicest looking type of anemone there is IMO. Give it good alternating flow but it doesnít need to be blasted. Definitely put it in a higher flow section of the tank though.
She picked the heavier pillar or all to attach to, plus she is at the very bottom, the rock is not even flat or near flat. I am afraid that if I start playing around with the rock with the nem attached, to figure out how to make it a top rock I may clip her foot or hurt her if rocks shift.

I rather release her fro the rock, pull the entire pillar out and try to figure out how to make a flat top rock out of it. if possible.

[Newbie here so please take my opinions carefully]

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