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Originally Posted by tkeracer619 View Post
I finished removing the coral and snails last night from my 600gal display. It's currently fishless.

Going to start dosing CP tonight. Going after flatworms that I haven't been able to kill with levamisole or FWE, Vermatids, Aptasia, and hopefully bubble algae.

I have a massive skimmer and no fish so I am not sure I need to worry too much about an ammonia spike. My plan is to dose 20mg/gal tonight and do an additional dose of 20mg/gal once my resupply of CP arrives on Monday.

I was planning on doing a second 40mg/gal dose around day 10 just to be sure. My display started fallow on Nov 25th so I wasn't planning on adding fish back until Feb 11th and corals/inverts back until mid March. Thinking that should allow plenty of time for the CP to be removed from the system.
Over the past couple of nights I've been doing the move as well. Last night was the CUC. I will look for any stragglers tonight along with removing my skunk cleaner. After that I'll be ready to go. Probably start tomorrow night if all looks good.

Good luck to you tkeracer619
Hope all goes well.

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