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Sorry for my long absence, but I'm glad people have taken this over. Life has been busy, and I have temporary lost interest in this research. I will probably take it back up again at some point but here is my current dilemma and why I haven't pursued further. Right now, after a long battle, my tank is finally doing well. My SPS are colored up and growing. I feel that anything I do in the tank to kill vermetids will likely decimate my microfauna population, and i'm not sure I want to do that since i've fought so long to stabilize this tank.

The CP conversation is interesting, and a good alternative if you can keep from reintroducing them on the backs of your snails and frags. Be VERY wary of both situations, and even if you don't see them, there could be some in hard to see places, especially on LPS skeletons. Anything like a branching torch or hammer or sps with dead skeleton underneath where these things could be hiding should go under STRICT extended QT. Inspect/remove any vermetids manually until you are vermetid free for at least 4 weeks. Id consider 3 months.

If possible frag them and reintroduce only living flesh on fresh frag plugs.

One tip: A good spot removal method for QT is to remove them from the water, place a drop of concentrated HCl on them and dissolve the base. That way you are sure not to spread any unseen juveniles/eggs. CAUTION: chemical gloves and goggles are highly recommended for this. Use an eye dropper, not a turkey baster if you attempt this.

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