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Well thats really too bad to hear. I was really hoping that a larger sized lionfish or trigger might be enough to ward off an octo. Might have to reconsider.

As far as the chocolate chip starfish goes, I had one for a while, and he never caused any problems with my fish. The problem was after I introduced corals to the tank, he seemed determined to try and snack on my hammer coral. It was actually sort of funny to watch. He would try to crawl on the coral, and get stung, making him curl up for half an hour or so. Then he would seem to forget that he got stung, apparently star fish half a short term memeory, anf try again...didnt take much of this to make me decide to return him to the pet store.

I'm still going to concider the octo tank, because i really am interested in them, but might have to re-design it now...

Thanks for the info,

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