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Originally Posted by Quiet_Ivy View Post
Some species of dino can use alkalinity (bicarbonates) directly as a carbon source. They have way too many biochemical tricks up their sleeves.

Re education: Did you guys all see Lucidog's posts? He had what sure looked like dinos, it killed off his CuC, but turns out it's Calothrix, a cyanobacteria! Impossible to confuse the two under a microscope. Perhaps we should start suggesting a trial of chemiclean to people who may have dinos.

I'm back home! Tank looks awful, rescued clownfish has a suspicious patch of white scales. I see a couple of dead ceriths too, not a great sign. Nitrates zero, phos maaaaybe .03.

New word: Oikotaxy- tropism exhibited by elderly men with bad hips and repairs involving ladders.
I'm not sure if I have dinos or some brown cyano or calothrix so I was actually going to try chemiclean first. Can't hurt right? I've got a little red cyano anyway

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