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Originally Posted by Jeremy B. View Post
@fishflorist, I've seen this many times in the past. When something gets stuck in the impeller it rubs up against the inside of the pump housing and eventually wears down the pins. I'd suggest purchasing a new impeller to fix the issue, then try and make sure you're running bag filters in the compartment right before the skimmer.
Thanks Jeremy !

But he is running bag filter all the time, and wash it twice a week. the water is always running through the bag. and the bag is I guess 200micron at least, very thick one. Plus, there is a large sponge in the overflow area, that makes sure that nothing big or nothing hard will have change to be suck into the skimmer pump. That's kinda weird.

I contact Royal Exlusive but no reply until now.

BTW, do you have this impeller in your shop ? I cant find. And does BK supply the plastic needle part seperately ? I found the impeller assembly is quite expesive .


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