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Originally Posted by benbarfield View Post
The concern was the wood stand legs possibly warping or shifting. I am doing built-in cabinets around the tank as well and didn't to ruing the cabinetry if shifting occurs. Another reason and probably the deciding factor is the sizing of the sumps. With the wood stand I build I only had 18" of width. I am going to use 3 HDPE containers to create a sump system. The first one will hold only a filter and catch all my debris so in theory that one is the one I would have to clean more often, the middle will house the protein skimmer, and the final will house extra rock. The thought was to get as much water volume as possible. The refugium will sit next to the tank hidden in cabinets and drain into the first sump container. My goal is to eventually not have to feed my fish and just have a self sustaining system like in the wild (or as close as I can get). With now 24" of width my sump container sizing options really opens up. The cost of a custom sump was just too much since I am already nearing my "budget" for the tank. I think it would have been fine but my buddy has been building tanks for years and has never had an issue with tanks he builds (as I knock on wood).
I am very impressed! I am enjoying watching this unfold.


Current Tank Info: 60g SPS started May 2014 bare bottom.
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