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Originally Posted by benbarfield View Post
These pictures show more of the framing around the tank. I still need to attach the corner L-shaped brace to hold the floating edge about the corner of the tank. Each brace piece will have double 2x4s holding it in place and the upper frame is attached to the 2x6 which is attached to the i-beans of the ceiling above.

The sand and salt has arrived. After framing is done I will make the cabinets, stain, and install them before filling the tank. Donít want any of those VOCs entering the water while Iím starting to cycle the tank. Hopefully I can finish the framing this weekend and possibly start plumbing the tank. I will do a test fill of the tank to see how it holds and let it sit for a week to see how it shifts before adding sand and live rock. More to come. Thanks again for all the comments and following along.

How do you intend on accessing the tank for maintenance, etc? An extreme amount of planning for 180g, better safe than sorry I suppose ☺

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Current Tank Info: 20 gal. xH w/ 10 gal. sump
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