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Originally Posted by Wally.B View Post
IDEA!! (Why mess around with the whole tank). Sacrifice One Frag (Bring high up in tank)

This just hit me. I have one Triple branch Bonzai Frag no yet mounted.

If these SPS truly needs more PARS, then rather than adjust lighting on whole tank and risk all the corals,
I can move one piece of same Bonzai up more rapidly toward the MH lights and if it burns (oh well), but what if it really takes off.

If there is a sweet spot, I can measure the PARS and then match other Corals placement (which are all kind of the same) with a lighting change.
Be careful with this because I have a Aussie Gold Tort that likes low par and is located near the sand bed, and my Tri Color Valida likes high par and sits at the top of the highest rock, while my Bonzai likes some where in the middle. If I move the Valida down it turns green and brown. If I move the Gold Tote up it will lose its color fast and starts STN. And my Bonzi starts to fade if I go above a certain point.
When I acclimate my corals to the light I start them at the bottom of the tank and move them up slowly until I find that particular corals "sweet spot". But then again thats just me.

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