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The Donkey Kong "Bonsai Acro" Challenge

So based on this Experts Article the Bonsai Acro ideally need "Medium to Strong Lighting" and "Medium to Strong Circulation". The Water Parameters [Calc 400-400], Alk [8-9], Mag [1300-1400].

Article Reference

The only variable for this Experiment will be Lighting.

The control variable I have is one of my oldest Frag is a Bonzai, that has been dong well, and is in the middle of my tank.

I fragged up the Triple Branch Bonzai, and each branch is very close to same size.

I'm starting all 3 Bonsai's all at the same level, a bit below the Tank Bonsai.

Slowly I'll stagger them apart at different lighting levels (moving up the Donkey Kong Ladders), and see how they individually do for (Color, Growth, PE, and Survival)

If I move the Dong Rack left, all will get stronger Circulation, as the Gyre Pump widens it's Spread.

THIS WILL HELP ME UNDERSTAND MY LIGHTING Capacity Better, and possibly learn more about SPS placement in general.

I bet if I post this Photo in my Office or Sump Room, my Son may notice it. (GAMING )

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