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TANK LOCKDOWN (No Changes) 1 Month (Entry SnapShot)

So after reading ED's thread, I got general feeling I'm on the right track with the new setup.

What I finally got an better understanding on in Circulation FLOW needed for SPS.
As he puts it "As strong as possible, without ripping skin off, and wide flow is better".
My Flow is all wide, and random, so I cranked up circulation a bit on ALL pumps, plus Return Pump(Sea Swirl), and general Circulation overnight. (Sorry Fish).

-> Dosing is stable at 12ml/Day split into 2 Doses, to Keep Alk at around 7.5-7.7.
-> Mag is a bit on High side 1400 (and AF Components have Mag/Calc in one, so will be tough to drop, but give it some time with Regular WC's and daily Stable Dosing).
-> PO4 dropped even more down to 0.03 ppm, so I slowed down the GFO reactor.
-> NO3 is still close to 5.0 ppm, and twice a week Water Changes should keep it there or lower.
-> K has dropped from 490 to 460, but again, WC and AF1,2,3 should keep that in check.

I moved the Lighting Fixture 1/4" inch down, and placed a few select loose frags a various levels on Kong Rack. S
I Split a nice Higher Light Acro compared to Bonsai into two and put each piece as two extremes. Bonsai's are at 4 different levels.
The Yellow Acro's for now remain below mid level (to be safe).

I will take close ups of each Frag for Reference, and show progress in a Month.

This is the Final Photo of Tank/Frag (FRONT and BACK with KONG Rack).

I do notice the brown algae film on the Sand Bed in the middle. Looks like a low flow area, so I may remove the sand with Siphon from there.

Also after reading ED's thread, I've decided that I also won't be feeding Corals any Commercial Specialty foods, but will increase frequency of feeding fish. (As he calls it "High Energy")

So basically it will be Water changes (Extra if needed), AF1,2,3 Dosing and Equipment maintenance. (Nothing else)

Till next month....


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