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Not too sure on what to do with the 2" bulkhead hole for the Sch 80. Since the bits are so cheap I would go ahead and purchase both. Then you could cut a hole in some cardboard box that you have laying around and test fit the bulkheads thru the cardboard.
Usually when you cut thru the tank if you measure you will find that the hole made is slightly larger than what the spec is. This is due to imperfections of you holding the drill steady going thru the glass. You are "wallowing the hole out" a little as you are moving thru. This will make the hole slightly larger in diameter.
Shane had to make one or two of his holes a little larger with a dremel or the drill I think when we drilled his 150gal tank. It was pretty easy to make it a little bigger. I think that you will have a much bigger challenge making the hole a little smaller if it is cut too big to start.
Hope this helps ... Try the cardboard first and see what you think with both bits.

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