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Ok, I've been reading along and there's a lot of good info here.
Here's my plan, tell me if it looks ok.

Savko SCH80 1" bulkheads call for 2" holes = 50.8mm
* Do I go with Lau 50mm or 53mm hole saw? I am leaning towards 53mm.

Savko SCH80 2" bulheads call for 3.25" holes = 82.55mm
* I am planning on Lau's 85mm hole saw.

I might go with a low profile Spa Drain fitting made by ITT (pretty nifty fitting) and it calls for a 2.875" hole = 73.02mm
* I am planning on Lau's 75mm hole saw.

I plan on running 2 closed loops on my 8ft 240G GlassCages tank. The glass is 1/2" thick. I am going to drill for 2 Sequence Dart intakes on the back wall of the tank and drill 6 1 inch returns on the bottom of the tank (3 returns per 4ft section of the tank).

Any thoughts?

On a side note: Maybe we can come up with some kind of "bulkhead manufacturer hole size" versus "Lau hole size" matrix that others can use as a reliable reference?

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