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I'm not a daily user of the forums, so when I logged in yesterday I noticed your new listing. Welcome!! I thought they might post a little biographical information so we'd know what kind of questions to throw your way, but here goes. Although I read almost anything that I can get my hands on that looks credible, a lot of my questions always seem to lead back to lighting. I'm in the process of setting up a basement coral farm-factory and in my efforts to set up an individual tank for the few species that I plan to cultivate, I'm looking for some information on just how intense the light for Nepthieds should be. Specifically Dendronepthya. The opinions I have so far range widely: high, low, actinic, daylight, VHO, MH, etc. I have a lux meter to measure the relative light exposure when placing corals, but a little more insight on what might be best for the Dendro would be helpful. Thanks!

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