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Planning and Setup

I knew off the bat, this tank was going to be SPS dominant. Acros were always my passion. I initially thought about a 40 breeder display, they have great dimensions, but then remembered about the Deep Blue tanks. I decided on the 80g Rimless, which is 48x24x16. An order was placed at my LFS.


I decided the best place for the tank would be in my home office.


For the stand, I would use Rocketengineer's template. I have used that design many times on my previous tanks, including my 225g and never had an issue.

Here is the basic stand framing. I used standard 2x4's, glued and screwed, for the frame. 1/2" sanded plywood for the top:

80g Deep Blue Rimless -
225g Reef Savvy SPS Dominant - Retired

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