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Originally Posted by cal_stir View Post
+1 diatoms, I had them for about 8 weeks, for the first few weeks they were harboring some dinos. I let the green micro algae grow on the glass for 4 or 5 days at a time to out compete them.
IMO they are a very good sign that you are winning the battle.
Thanks for the confirmation everyone.

I feel I am winning the battle even with brown glass.

Sometimes I see a little green algae on the glass but it goes away quickly if I skip my NeoPhos dose.

I can't seem to keep phosphates in this tank.

My corals are doing excellent even when the bottom piles up with detritus.

Corals that have gone to complete **** have a little spark of life in them.

Should also mention my PH is staying up high even when my ATO reservoir was empty for 3-4 days. (contain kalkwasser)

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