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I have a little 20 gallon sidekick tank that I find very interesting to look at. It's a simple set-up that I toss macro algae clippings into, and I just kind of let it do its own thing.

20g long:

The tank is full of various pods and Mysis shrimp, and it is the home to only one inhabitant:

White Spotted Hermit Crab (Dardanus megistos)

He's really intelligent and surprisingly brave, and in addition to the pellets that I feed him, he keeps the macro clippings nice and trimmed.

Happy hermit

"You Can Lead A Gift Horse To Water...
But You Can't Make Him Look In Your Mouth."

Current Tank Info: 65g Mixed Reef Display - 15g Macro Algae/Refugium - 40b Sump
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