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Originally Posted by zooman72 View Post
Another offering that runs dual sensors is the IceCap ATO, but unfortunately, both are optical, although I see no warnings of LEDs lighting associated with it. I run one on my IM Nuvo 20 (in the rear compartment of course), and it performs well, and is a lot less expensive than the Tunze.

I too have run into issues with the Tunze Nano (3 failed over the last couple of years, including 2 within the last couple of months, which is why I tried the IceCap model). I am still using four of the Tunze Nanos (out of current necessity), but will probably retire them in the near future if the IceCap ATO continues to do well.

I have not come across the same percentage of issues with the larger Tunze model, and it enjoys better reviews overall.
Thanks for the tip! I hadn't run across that one before. I don't care for the color (since it's going in my display), but I think I could live with it at almost $70 cheaper than the Tunze.

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