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Originally Posted by kaxt View Post
I've been enjoying your build. I'm jealous of the size of the tank, all I have is a 90. Glad your tangs are starting to get along. It's always nerve wracking to add new fish and see the balance go out of whack, but what good is a giant new tank if you can't enjoy adding new fish?

I can still see all of your pictures, but I have to sign into Reef Central to be able to see your last 2 sets of pictures- the new fish in QT, and the tangs all eating nori together.
I used to have a 90, luckily had some spare room in the basement to fit this bad boy. The tangs are doing great . They all "shoal" around the tank. Never really leave eachothers siides including the purple. It definitely was nerve wracking because even my kole that was established started getting beat on by my powder once I added the pt and dt. Had a huge gash on his eye.

Sweet thanks for the input on the pictures. I started uploading them straight to reef central because I wasn't sure if people could see the Flickr links. I'll start uploading pics with Flickr again so they're easier to see and better quality.

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