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Disclaimer: I am not at all techie or the DIY type. I have a 72gl bowfront that's 21" deep and 17" from the back of the tank across to the bowfront. It has a 48" JBJ fixture that has been running 65w cf for about 7-8yrs. The plexiglass that covers the bulbs has cracked. I have mostly fish and some softies. I want to upgrade my lights and am not at all up to date on the new technology. I am drowning in lighting threads and my brain hurts.
Do i need to get an entirely new fixture to upgrade to better lights? I was looking at this: I want to be able to put more corals into the tank. I really want to add some ricordia and other very colorful coral to the tank but don't want to kill them with the lousy lights i have now. My mushrooms are doing 'okay' as are my polyps but i really want to expand. All thoughts appreciated..but as i said, i am 'older' and not very techie and the not well-versed in the terminology. THANKS!

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