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Originally Posted by 96p993 View Post
Alright Im about to pull the trigger on a ATI 8x24 dimmable sunpower...I am wanting to get a color much like this picture here

I am hoping I could get some help on what bulbs to choose from the selection Reefgeek has on their site. Im aware this might be tough since its possible not all the owners lights are on but Im hoping for as much help as possible.

From the picture it is realy hard to tell real color since no camera renders color 100% as the human eye sees it. I also do not like the fact that there is so much drop off from top to bottom, and think they need more lighting on this tank than what the picture shows.

For lighting this and getting close I would use all ATI bulbs with 1 Purple Plus, 1 Aqua Blue Special, and the remaining 6 bulbs as Blue Plus. But your light intensity will probably be a lot more than what is in the picture.

Dennis B.

Current Tank Info: Main tank 120 Gallon, 432 Watts T-5's plus 30 Watts of LED's, Frag 40 Gallon tank 234 Watts T-5's, 3 Frag tanks all 40 Gallon with LED lighting between 60 and 84 Watts. All LEDs are DIY Oh and then there is fresh water tanks 270 gallons
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