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The LFS usually only carry the standard sized tanks, however Mr Aqua carries rounded corner glass tanks that are gorgeous but pricey. Your best bet is to get one custom built if you want something out of the norm, or build it yourself.

There are 3 main SW LFS's here in town and each one has it's nitch...

Mr Aqua carries almost exclusively import tanks and supplies from Asia so you can get some unique items, and they have a 1000 gallon display tank that's just amazing... They have a runway system there so most of the Softies and LPS corals are looked at from above with a couple SPS tanks.

SeaScape Aquatics carries the healthies fish in town along with Softies and LPS but no SPS corals. They run a nice and clean store with expected prices on everything and keep most everything in stock very well. If you need anything they probably have it on a shelf ready for you.

Exotic Tropicals is a hole in the wall type store, but Trey has the best prices in town if he's not sold out of it. His coral shipments are usually sold as it comes out of the box so find out his schedule and load up on supplies like I/O salt buckets 3 for 100 bucks.

Hope this helps and look forward to seeing you at some of the meetings!

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