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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post
There is no "cure". Dinos are a natural part of every ecosystem. Some species can explode and cause a crisis, so the required result is to push them back into their natural state - under control.

You can never kill the genie. You can only put him back in the bottle and don't rub the bottle ever again.

I agree with this..

Got the dinos bad in my 40g breeder, pulled rocks, dosed h2o2,lights out, pulled most of the rock out and soaked it in 5g bucket with 1 bottle of h2o2 dumped in, they still kept coming back.. Was dosing large doses of h2o2, in the end I put a half a bottle in, it just ****ed them off (all critters were in another tank)
Finally gave up and went to LFS and bought the rock out of their emerald crab tank, it looked like a chia pet it had so much hair algea on it..
Put that in and started feeding everybody, let the tank get dirty.. Once the hair algea got a good foothold in my C2C Overflow, I added a lawnmower blenny, and started backing off the feedings, and slowly cleaning the tank..
It took several weeks but the Dinos started fading, they are not showing right now..
I had them make a brief appearance when I moved everyone to the 60g frag tank, but they faded quickly...
I recently added the 40g breeder back into this system (sharing the sump) as a QT tank,, (my foxface was getting pushed around by the damsels) within a few days the 40g exploded with Dinos, just that tank, not in the sump nor the 60g frag..
It took a week and few days for the dinos to fade in that one as well..
I am only moving 300gph through the 40g and back to the sump so it took a bit for them to get starved out..
They bloomed in the 40g because it had 40g of fresh saltwater for them to feed in, once the hair algea and other critters from the 60g got distributed into the 40g the Genie went back into the bottle..
I feed my tanks/fish/corals enough to where I have to clean the glass everyday.. It just starts building a film up, then I clean..
My rock came from a tank that was infested with them.. I let this rock sit outside for several months on a piece of wood, everything else in the tank was new, including the tank...AND THEY STILL CAME BACK..
When I finish setting up the 180g I will have to go through this again more than likely..
I just dont feel like buying new rock, what I have is too nice to just toss and I dont think you will kill all of them,,ever...

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