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Originally Posted by mfaso24 View Post
At the moment no I don't have a photo under white light. They are reddish to Brown in color, stringy, no bubbles seem to be attached and it's definitely not matted. It's been lingering for a while and I started h2o2 dosing about 3 days ago and for whatever reason it got a bit worse over night. This video was shot first thing in the morning when the lights first came on so it must have gotten worse over night which seems to be contrary to what Dino's do.
H2O2 did nothing for mine, Ostreopsis Ovata, they don't always have bubbles and I think when there environment is changing they change their behavior to adapt so they may have been responding to the h2o2.
I think the only way to control them is through plankton diversity, that's why I got a dozen different varieties from a half dozen different suppliers.

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