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I guess I have a vacation curse, because every time I take a vacation some disaster befalls my tank. Last year there was a power outage while I was gone and following that I lost several thousand in SPS and my coral health never really rebounded to what it was pre-trip. This year an anemone somehow found its way out of its cage and into a powerhead within days of me leaving.

This anemone was in a cage for months and somehow got out within a couple days of me leaving the country? Really?! I leave town for work every other week and something like this happens when my wife and I are on the other side of the world?! [emoji36]Luckily an extremely good friend and reliable hobbyist in my neighborhood was available to perform an emergency water change and removed some dead fish. From my count I only have 3 fish left in the tank and I used to have over 20.

I returned home last night and was too tired to perform water tests, but without my grazing fish anymore, ulva exploded. I tore out what was growing near the surface of the tank and it was pretty substantial. Probably going to tear everything out and re-aquascape while Iím essentially fishless. [emoji58]

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