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Originally Posted by ReefKeeper64 View Post
Glad to see things are looking up. That one yellow and blue wrasse is definitely $$xpert only. Not sure of the name but its a beauty!
Is it listed as expert? Itís a feminus wrasse and itís just like any other wrasse if you ask me, just more expensive. I had a much harder time trying to keep a blue star leopard and potters wrasse alive. Those two donít ship very well and even picking one up locally doesnít ensure survival. That said, Iíve been on the hunt for another potters for this tank.

Iím lucky this feminus made it. I purchased 6 wrasse total, a bells flasher wrasse, lennardi wrasse, chaoti wrasse, male rhomboid wrasse, Mauritius leopard wrasse and the feminus. 5 out of the 6 were DOA, only the feminus made it. It was a sad day to say the least.

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