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Originally Posted by mike810 View Post
Is it listed as expert? It’s a feminus wrasse and it’s just like any other wrasse if you ask me, just more expensive. I had a much harder time trying to keep a blue star leopard and potters wrasse alive. Those two don’t ship very well and even picking one up locally doesn’t ensure survival. That said, I’ve been on the hunt for another potters for this tank.

I’m lucky this feminus made it. I purchased 6 wrasse total, a bells flasher wrasse, lennardi wrasse, chaoti wrasse, male rhomboid wrasse, Mauritius leopard wrasse and the feminus. 5 out of the 6 were DOA, only the feminus made it. It was a sad day to say the least.
Anampses feminus. It’s definitely considered an expert only fish. I double checked to be sure. ��

You may have received one that was already eating prepared foods. She may have spent a good while in a tank and had already become accustomed to eating prepared foods. That’s the main issue with these so called expert only fish.

I bought a total of 4 blue Star leopards and 2 ultimately made it. I have read that these expert only fish are easy to keep once they transition over to prepared foods.

The two that didn’t make it went into hiding in the DT soon after they were introduced. They just hid most of the time, didn’t eat, seemed intimidated by other fish, and parished. When I got the last two I put them in the refugium for two weeks until they started eating prepared foods. Seemed like a win because there would be plenty of live food and no other fish to intimidate them. Plus they could acclimate to the new water conditions. It worked. When I moved them to the DT, they didn’t hide much and jumped right in to get prepared foods at feeding time.

You can request oversized shipping containers and extra water on your next expert fish order if you like. That meaning, they can put your fish in a styrofoam box made for a much larger fish. It will contain much more water that way. Costs a little extra but is worth it I think for the more delicate fish.

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